I'm working on the editor.

I'm working on the editor. I have implemented the camera with the frustum culling, the collision detection, a part of the shader system through OpenGL with GLSL, etc.. There are still a lot of work to do to publish something.


2009-04-18pulsarvic (newage)

Panel, ActionButton... implemented.

I'm loking for an artist who remakes the menu layout. My next goal will be making the base of the game-model, the map renderer on the editor, this is the biggest part, I have to implement a camera, the model clases, an StateButton, use shadders to mix the ground materials, etc...

--> (link) <--

If you are an artist & you want to help you can make a layout with a nice loking like the original with GIMP
-->(link) <--

2009-04-10pulsarvic (newage)

Huge new features

TableViewer Widget added; you can sort the rows by column key. There are huge new features. You can select the language and the resolution, toggle to fullscreen, etc... and some important bugfixes.

I'm working on a panel layout to draw something on the background, and a generic button widget.
It will be easier than implement the TableViewer widget.

Don't get afraid of my français knowledge. :P


2009-04-08pulsarvic (newage)

Checkbox Widget added.

CheckBox Widget added. There are several changes.


2009-03-27pulsarvic (newage)

ancla de cabecera