I'm working on the editor.

I'm working on the editor. I have implemented the camera with the frustum culling, the collision detection, a part of the shader system through OpenGL with GLSL, etc.. There are still a lot of work to do to publish something.


2009-04-18pulsarvic (newage)

Panel, ActionButton... implemented.

I'm loking for an artist who remakes the menu layout. My next goal will be making the base of the game-model, the map renderer on the editor, this is the biggest part, I have to implement a camera, the model clases, an StateButton, use shadders to mix the ground materials, etc...

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If you are an artist & you want to help you can make a layout with a nice loking like the original with GIMP
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2009-04-10pulsarvic (newage)

Huge new features

2009-04-08pulsarvic (newage)

Checkbox Widget added.

CheckBox Widget added. There are several changes.


2009-03-27pulsarvic (newage)

ancla de cabecera