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This is the first entry, welcome everybody!!

I'm developing the user interface. The Gui class contains a vector of layouts which takes up all the screen. It has a vector of Windows with a set of layouts to distrbute all the Widgets.

Label and Spinner are allready implemented. I'm writting the fonts with a simple bitmap font system, I have to change it, and use freetype to support Unicode and develop a language system. HLayout and VLayout can implement any widget distribution, think about it, whith a 3D system you don't have to allocate a buffer for each panel, you don't have to optimize it. You send the gui-data (all the texturized & not texturized quads) to the OpenGL workflow every frame. You can use the layouts as guides and overflow them, that doesn't matter if you are working with a 3D System.


The widgets are similar to the layouts but they can't allocate another layouts/widgets inside. Spinner & Window have it's own listeners (design pattern). And the button widget must be something generic, I will need a progress-bar & may be another widget. Well, there's a lot of work to do.


2009-03-19pulsarvic (newage)

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